New Life International, Inc. is a Christian outreach organization dedicated to humanitarian and developmental activities. One of the largest outreach programs of New Life International is to providing safe water to the world.

To meet the world water crisis, a simple water purifier was invented, developed, and patented at New Life International. Using common table salt and a 12 volt battery, the water purifier creates chlorine to disinfect water.

Chlorination has saved more lives than, perhaps, any other technology

  • No other water treatment compares with chlorination
  • Residual from chlorine sanitizes plumbing, medical equipment, fabrics and water containers
  • The treatment of surface water and contaminated wells with an on-site generated chlorine from the New Life water purifier is the quickest solution to contaminated water problems.


Living Water

The water purifier is a simple, light weight, cost-effective, water purifier system designed and constructed for use in harsh environmental conditions with minimal resources. One purifier can potentially serve an entire village at a cost as low as a penny per day per person.

Since 1998, more than 3,600 water purifiers are in operation in 80 countries around the world.

Through local, national and international evangelism, the water purifiers open doors and are a tool to present Jesus Christ, the “Living Water”.

Your sponsorship of a water purifier can provide disease free safe sources of water for drinking and other essential purposes for an entire village. Contact us and find out how you can be part of the solution to the World’s Water Crises in villages, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, churches, orphanages, disaster relief and refuge camps.

Safe Water

Less than 1% of the earth’s water is fresh water, and only about one-third of this 1% is available for human use. Unfortunately, almost all of this water is contaminated. In the developing world, contaminated water accounts for 80% of all diseases and claims the lives of 5 million children a year (World Vision).

The best solution to the water problem is the same one you benefit from every day: chlorination.

Chlorination has protected the United States and other countries for nearly a century and has saved more lives than perhaps any other technology. The New Life International Water Purifier is an unique system that creates chlorine from table salt to disinfect water and make it safe for drinking. It is a simple, light-weight, cost-effective water purification system designed and constructed for use in harsh environmental conditions with minimal resources.

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Abundant Life

How does New Life International connect safe water with abundant life?

Yes, New Life International (NLI) is passionate about bringing safe water to the under-privileged villages of the world.  But that is not where it ends!  NLI is committed to use safe water as a way to introduce the “abundant life” that Christ provides.  We desire that all of God’s creation not only have safe and healthy water to drink, but they also live in a way in which they can enjoy all that God has for their health, their families, their jobs, their marriages, and most importantly, their eternal life.

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